Please note: If your child has been diagnosed with conjunctivitis, a doctor’s note will be necessary for the student to return to school. The note must be presented to the school nurse upon arrival, on the day your child returns to school. We recommend that you check all members of your household for conjunctivitis symptoms and take them to the doctor for the correct treatment, if necessary. Please read the document below for further details and recommendations.
Health Services Recommendations - Conjunctivitis

Please note: "There is a lack of evidence showing that routine class or school-wide screening reduces lice infestation rates" (Frankowski, 2010). Therefore, class screenings will not be routinely implemented at Graded. Parents should check their children for lice regularly. If crawling lice are seen on a student at school, the parents will be called to pick up their child at school and be given information about head lice and its treatment. At home, all members of the family must be checked for head lice. The student’s parents will be responsible for treating their child at home. After treatment, the child will be re-examined by the nurses and admitted to class. If the child is still infested, then the parent will be contacted again.

Health Services Recommendations - Head Lice