Welcome to the High School!

Welcome to the High School! We are delighted to have you join our vibrant, engaged, diverse and spirited community. For almost a century Graded High school students have forged a reputation for their strong sense of community, commitment to service, academic prowess, sporting and artistic talent and a desire to lead. Graded provides students with opportunities to grow and develop their unique abilities via a rigorous academic program, stewarded by experienced and passionate educators. Most students earn three diplomas--American, Brazilian and International Baccalaureate--while balancing a rich program of co-curriculars. This is the Graded Experience.

The High School is a busy place and on any given day, you will hear musicians rehearsing for performances, see artists immersed in a wide variety of studio projects and in our world class sporting facilities, the Graded Eagles can be seen training for local, regional and international sporting events. Community service and engagement is a pillar of the Graded experience and throughout the school week and on weekends students and staff can be observed working in and with our local community as they transform lives of others through a well-established community service program that works in our local suburb of Morumbi, greater São Paulo and indeed throughout Brazil. Whilst participating in and hosting international festivals, sporting events and conferences on our campus to serving others through service Graded students constantly strive to become caring, passionate, skilled, ethical, and engaged citizens.  

Graded is proud of the achievement of all its graduates many of which go on to further study at a range the world’s best colleges and universities. Students who attend Graded leave equipped to succeed, possessing a desire to excel, a passion to impact the world for good and a willingness to take on leadership in an ever changing and complex world. “The best years of my life” is how alumni have often described their years at Graded. 

As you explore our school online we hope it draws you into the Graded Experience -- we look forward to welcoming you!

Stuart Kent
High School Principal



Stuart Kent
High School Principal 

Fiona Cope
High School Associate Principal

High School Office
3747-4800  ext. 202 

Av. José Galante, 425
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T: 55-11-3747-4800
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