Living in São Paulo

Oscar Nieymeyer's COPAN building in downtown São Paulo

Brazil, the world’s fifth largest country, is famous for its natural beauty and vibrant energy. Brazilian people, with rich African, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern heritages, are known for their warmth, openness, and humor. As one of the most beloved cultures in the world, you may already be familiar with its Bossa Nova music, Carnaval, the dazzling array of cuisines, capoeira, soccer, and love for celebration.

A city of some 11 million people, São Paulo is South America’s financial powerhouse and melting pot. The city, also known as "Sampa", has Michelin-starred restaurants, architectural masterpieces, a dizzying artistic culture, and contagious social energy. It is home to some of the world’s largest diasporas, as seen in neighborhoods such as traditionally-Japanese Liberdade or historically-Italian Bixiga. Our faculty often opt to live in a range of similarly vibrant neighborhoods, such as Morumbi, Itaim, Moema, Pinheiros, and Vila Madalena.

A vibrant community
Since 1920, Graded has had a tradition of building and sustaining community. We have numerous events and celebrations new faculty and community alike:
Faculty socials • Trip to Paraty in Rio de Janeiro  Guided trips around São Paulo  Teacher Appreciation Week  Halloween Benefit Bash  The PTA’s Thanksgiving  Celebration of the World  Holiday Party  Book Club  Poker Night  Trivia Night

Explore the city
Time Out São Paulo - An English-language magazine/guide to São Paulo events and highlights.
New York Times, "36 Hours in São Paulo" - a classic article that captures the enormity and vibrancy of the city. 
Monocle, São Paulo 25/25 - a handy snapshot of tips and highlights for visitors. Print a PDF version to have on hand as you explore the city.

Travel around Brazil and South America
With its vast and varied territory, Brazil is an incredible country to explore. The Graded curriculum has several trips built into it, starting in fourth grade. As South America’s major hub, São Paulo is the perfect jumping off point to explore the country and continent.

By car
São Paulo Coast

2 hours
3.5 hours

By plane
Rio de Janeiro
Minas Gerais
Buenos Aires

1 hour
1 hour
1.5 hours
2.5 hours
3 hours
4 hours 

Barra do Una, 3 hours by car from São Paulo


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