PTA Forms

To be reimbursed for expenses. Please submit this form to the treasurer with necessary receipts.

Teacher Fund Request
Teachers interested in approaching the PTA for funding assistance for their programs or activities are encouraged to complete this form and present it to a member of the PTA Board Committee.

Who is eligible to request funding? 
Any of the Graded School’s faculty and administration may submit a request for funding as long as they have the approved signature of their immediate supervisor and the signature of the superintendent. Community Service Requests must have the signature of the Director of Community Service.

Any parent of a Graded student may submit a request for funding for an event or donation as long as they have the signed support of at least three current Executive Committee members and one signature of an Executive Board Member (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer).

The PTA will approve fund requests based on the degree to which they support the PTA’s objectives:

• To foster communication and cooperation among the faculty, administration, students, and parents of Graded School.
• To foster optimum parent involvement in activities to support Graded School.
• To serve as an advocate for both the educational enrichment of and healthy environment for the students attending Graded school.
• To promote an appreciation of Graded’s diversity and to promote and celebrate harmony among the many cultures of the Graded community.

PTA Fund Requests must be turned in to the PTA 6 weeks before the date funds are needed. This time allows the PTA appropriate time to research and discuss the request. Fund Requests above R$5.000,00 should be voted on PTA Annual Budget Meeting (every May).

To request for PTA Funding, please click here

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