Brazilian Studies (Estudos Brasileiros) is accredited by the Ministry of Education and is required for all Brazilian nationals. The required core courses, Portuguese Language and Geography and History of Brazil, are taught in Portuguese, and all records must conform to Ministry standards. As such, most communications from the Brazilian Studies department, including this section of the website, are in Portuguese. While Spanish, French, and Portuguese as a Foreign Language are also in the Brazilian Studies department, details for those courses can be found in the individual divisions. If you wish to know more about the Brazilian Studies program, please feel free to contact the department.

Constituem-se parte desta divisão escolar:
  • Língua Portuguesa para as séries do Ensino Fundamental e Médio
  • Geografia e História do Brasil de 6o. ano do Ensino Fundamental ao 3o. ano do Ensino Médio
  • Português Língua  Estrangeira - a partir do 2o. ano do Ensino Fundamental
  • Espanhol e Francês - a partir do 8o. ano do Ensino Fundamental
    Estrutura Identidade de Estudos Brasileiros
Brazilian Studies
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