Bring Your Own Device
MINIMUM Requirements

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) applies to students in the Upper School (Middle and High).  It does not apply to students in the Lower School, as Graded supplies classrooms in that division with the appropriate technology necessary for a robust learning environment.  

Graded is a 1-to-1 school and a “bring your own device” (BYOD) institution. It is the expectation that all students come to school, prepared for learning, with fully charged and functioning computers that meet these minimum requirements outlined below. These requirements enable students to fully participate in educational activities and be supported by teachers and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

All systems and ICT services are device agnostic - any computer will work on campus. Please note that:

  • iPads and Android tablets are great devices with many uses. However, some limitations mean they are not suitable as a primary device in Graded’s educational setting.

  • Students are welcome to bring a tablet or other digital devices in addition to their laptop.

  • Please see below for information on each division’s cell phone policy.  

Cell Phones
Each of the divisions takes a thoughtful and research-based approach to student use of cell phones. Below find a brief summary of each division’s policy.

Lower School: Lower School students may not use cell phones to send or receive calls or messages during the school day, unless approved by the teacher to support an educational activity.  

Middle School: Cell phones and other personal technology other than the laptop computers and electronic readers are prohibited in the Middle School during the school day, between the hours of 8:10 am and 3:10 pm. Such devices should remain out of sight, locked in lockers, and turned off during these hours.

High School: Do not use cell phones during class, meetings, or assemblies without teacher permission. During school hours, use the features of smartphones and digital music players (like the camera and apps) appropriately.

Please see additional information in your child’s division handbook.

BYOD Requirements 2021-2022

Category Specification
Processor (CPU) Intel (i5) or AMD (Ryzen 5) processor
RAM Memory 8 Gigabytes (GB)
Hard Drive 250GB SSD OR 500 GB Hybrid
Operating System Windows 10 (64 - bit)
Mac OSX 10.14 (Mojave) or above
Network Ethernet Card 100/1000 Gbps (optional)
Wireless Card (mandatory)
Language Support English (other languages acceptable as long as English support is available)
Keyboard Physical keyboard (must support English Language)
USB Ports At least on USB port of the A or C types, in case the computer does not have one, student must have a dongle.
Browser Any Browser is supported, but it is mandatory to run Google Chrome or its derivates, such as Microsoft Edge or Opera
Antivírus It is not mandatory, yet we higly recommend that a complete Antivirus solution is installed to protect against Viruses, Malware, Spyware and Ransomware.
Power Adapter Students must bring their power supply cords to school, these must support the Brazilian power connector standards, if not, students must provide an adapter.


Students should have sufficient privileges to update and install software, drivers and other components.

Please ask your faculty member or the ICT department. Parents may email for assistance. Or stop by!

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