Club Corner: Gradio
Posted 04/28/2021 10:00AM

By Isabella Krell, Senior Communications Officer

As the popularity of podcasts has grown over the years, Graded students have launched their own audio platform Gradio, which encourages students, teachers, faculty, and parents to articulate their thoughts and share their values, passions, concerns, and accomplishments.

So, what exactly are podcasts?
Simply put, podcasts are audio programs, like radio talk shows, which may be listened to anytime and anywhere. While it's difficult to pinpoint when podcasts first emerged, they quickly became one of the most significant and thrilling cultural phenomena of the 21st century. Podcasts provide us with information, inspiration, and entertainment and cover various topics ranging from music to current events.

Gradio, Graded's Radio
Gradio, established in 2019 by then-student Pedro C. '20, has four active podcasts. Each club member, or podcast owner, maintains complete autonomy and control over their program. They choose the general theme, title, and artwork for the podcast, as well as the topic and format of each episode.

Gradio leaders João Guilherme and Lucas encourage club members to be themselves when recording their podcasts. One of Gradio's main goals is to provide students with a safe place to be authentic. "The club is very flexible," says João. "We don't want Gradio to become yet another homework assignment or an inconvenience in someone's schedule. Gradio should be a passion and hobby for both creators and listeners." In their M&M Podcast, João and Lucas discuss trending topics, such as the media's influence on body image. At the end of each episode, the co-hosts give their listeners a movie suggestion. Be sure to listen to the end, so you don't miss out! 


With more than 150 downloads, Roberto "Bob" J.'s Cultural Zeitgeist covers all things music-related. Bob is a trumpet player in the Graded Jazz Band and an avid fan of indie-rock, R&B, and rap music. He started the Cultural Zeitgeist podcast to "voice his opinions about what's going on in music and engage in meaningful discussions" about the subject. Bob covers a range of music styles from multiple decades and discusses topics such as overrated musicians and most promising rappers — often with the help of a guest speaker. In one episode, Rodrigo invites Graded jazz bandmates and friends Tomas and Inacio to speak about their experience as members of their band, Floating Flamingos.


The Globalist podcast is a joint effort between Gradio Club members and Graded's Global Issues Network (GIN) Club. The podcast's primary focus is to raise awareness and provide listeners with information and updates on global issues. Students explore and discuss real-life events focusing on topics, including racism, education, and poverty. 


With catchy episode titles, like "Baby Talk" and "IB With Fish," This Week at Graded's host Diego C. interviews fellow students and teachers and discusses current school events. Are you curious about what compiling Graded's weekly High School Docket entails? Then this is the right podcast for you.


While Gradio is predominantly a podcast platform, it also provides its audience with a bonus: music playlists! Studies have found that listening to music while studying or working can increase performance and productivity. Gradio's music playlists explore genres ranging from Funk & Soul to Lo-Fi Beats for Studying to Movie Soundtracks. Besides creating fun playlists, Gradio club members also DJ  for Graded's on-campus events, including athletics tournaments and Celebration of the World. 

Regardless of your preferred audio streaming platform, Gradio has you covered. Their music playlists are available on Spotify, and their podcasts may be found on most podcast-streaming sites, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music. To learn more about Gradio and subscribe to all podcasts, visit their website!

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