Eagles Reunite Update #8
October 16, 2020

Dear Graded Community,

We’re back, and oh, what a huge smile it has put on our faces! Since our reopening on Thursday, October 8, increasing numbers of students have joined us for on-campus activities during round one of Eagle Flight Testing. Each day brings more joy, as students meet face-to-face with their teachers and friends. For our new students, it is their first time experiencing life on campus, and for our returning students, it is an exciting opportunity to reunite with teachers and classmates.

The positive and warm reception students are receiving from our faculty is inspiring.  Our teachers are “leaning in” and are thrilled to engage with your child(ren) in person. They also understand that some students are unable to return to campus at the present time and are looking forward to meeting them face-to-face in the near future. 

Graded chose the Eagle Flight Testing approach to maximize on-campus opportunities for our students and to test our systems and processes. Our initial experiences have demonstrated that we have been organized and well-prepared to welcome faculty, staff, and students safely back to campus.

Students have expressed their appreciation for the work that has been done in preparation for their return and have spoken about the overwhelmingly happy and exuberant feeling of being on our beautiful campus and rejoining their classroom community in-person.

We must work very hard to maintain our focus on collective responsibility. By each playing our part to mitigate viral risk, we increase the likelihood of remaining open and providing our students with additional in-person experiences. I appreciate all you have done in this regard. Your children have come to school well-prepared. Their compliance with our new health and safety requirements, including mask-wearing and surface sanitation, has been outstanding. We will continue to develop our practices and remind students of the importance of safe physical distancing. This is a challenge for us all during these times.

Since our reopening, two COVID-positive student cases have been reported to the school. Neither student had been on campus prior to their diagnosis. We underwent contact tracing and because classmates had not been in contact with those infected, we were fortunate that we did not need to require other students to stay home and quarantine. We will remain very diligent with respect to our contact tracing efforts and greatly appreciate your cooperation and compliance. Please continue to report all COVID-positive cases among your household members to School Head Nurse Rita Lupo at nurse.office@graded.br.

Below is our latest COVID-19 tracking information for your review.



We are awaiting information from the São Paulo municipal government and Mayor Bruno Covas with regard to the status of school reopening after November 3.  Ready to adapt to a variety of scenarios, we are hopeful that we can remain on campus and, possibly, increase the frequency of student visits.  All the while, we strive to engage students in meaningful learning.

I look forward to sharing our upcoming plans just as soon as we have information from the government. The support you have provided to our faculty and staff over the past seven months has been nothing short of incredible. We thank you for your trust and close partnership.

One school, One community, One Graded!

Be well,

Richard Boerner

Av. José Galante, 425
São Paulo, SP - Brazil - 05642-000
+55 11 3747 4800
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