Important COVID Testing Information

February 3, 2021

Dear Graded Community,

As we continue our saliva-based PCR testing, I want to make you aware of a few improvements to the process. Testing will continue to take place in Graded’s Main Parking Garage on Fridays from 4:00-8:00 pm. In an effort to expedite the drive-thru process, we will be designating specific testing time frames by last (family) name. 


4:00-5:00 pm A to D
5:00-6:00 pm E to L
6:00-7:00 pm M to R
7:00-8:00 pm S to Z

Upon arrival, you may notice some slight changes regarding flow. Shortly after entering the garage, you will see a Pick-up Station. Here, a nurse will provide you with a COVID test kit via your car window. You will then drive to the Blue Parking Area where you will park your vehicle while your child collects their saliva sample. After the test vial has been closed and you have logged into Mendelics to register the sample, we strongly recommend that you take a photograph of the barcode provided in the test kit for your records prior to sealing the plastic bag. Please then proceed to the Drop-off Station near the Reception Area. Here, you will hand in your test kit before exiting the garage.

Important health and safety reminder: PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE AT ANY TIME.

If you need any assistance, please drive to the Red Parking Area, where an ICT staff member will provide you with technical support.

Please be aware of the number of people our employees need to help. Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for your child’s registration, so please, read the instructions carefully before your arrival to Graded by clicking here for the English version / clicando aqui para a versão em Português.

If you have forgotten your password, please read these instructions and reset the password prior to your arrival at the testing site. If another person will be transporting your child to get tested, it is imperative that you provide this individual with your password and clearly explain how to register the sample. 

As we work to better serve our community, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Richard Boerner

Av. José Galante, 425
São Paulo, SP - Brazil - 05642-000
+55 11 3747 4800
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