Graded Student Occupancy Rate

February 9, 2021

Dear Graded Community,

On Friday, São Paulo Governor Doria announced that because the region is now in the yellow phase, school student occupancy rates will increase to 70%, in accordance with Plano SP. (The plan also states that if the region regresses to the orange phase, student occupancy rates will fall to 35%.) As you may be aware, however, Graded is regulated, not by the state, but by São Paulo’s municipal government and regional MEC (Ministry of Education) officials. After Doria’s announcement, we awaited a decision from city officials regarding occupancy, whose edicts supersede those of the state. 

Today, our MEC regional director informed us that Municipal Decree No. 60,058 of January 27, 2021 remains in effect at 35% student occupancy for all schools in the city. We are required to maintain the status quo and will follow our current schedule until a new decree has been issued and we are authorized to make any changes.


Richard Boerner

Av. José Galante, 425
São Paulo, SP - Brazil - 05642-000
+55 11 3747 4800
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