IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2021

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Ana Vitória T.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: Wonderland

I want my artwork to take the viewer on a trip within themselves. With each artwork, I create an environment of reflection and self-expression. Let your natural instincts bring meaning to what you see. Don’t force realizations that aren’t made for you. 

Eduardo K.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: (Re)Visit / (Re)Visitar

Since I was a kid, I have used art to express myself. These last few years have been a period of maturing and making sense of the world. Like many, the pandemic has been a period of reflection and anxiety for me. This exhibition is a representation of this experience and my evolving relationship with art. 

Hugo J.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: (De)Construct

When I look at an object, I pay close attention to the design choices concerning the object’s function. Looking at it through this lens enables me to better understand how the object can be taken apart to create something new. In art, fragmentation and deconstruction make way for the creation of new meanings. (De)Construct is about my personal story of discovery.

Luisa M.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: Chrysalis

Chrysalis is an exhibition centered around the concept of change — both material and personal. It is a reflection of questions and issues I have encountered growing up, especially concerning my search for identity, for the power of expression, and for a higher critical understanding of the world around me. 

Maia M.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: We're All Different, It's Ok.

This exhibition consists of artwork that I created to express my personal experiences with anxiety and ADHD. These experiences are much more common than we think. It is important for there to be a healthy dialogue regarding such issues as they can impact anyone and everyone.

Maja G.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: Insight Out

Insight Out presents a collection of personal experiences that have formed me: the struggles of a child feeling disconnected and excluded by her peers, the anxieties of a high school senior once faced with a wall of expectations and insecurities, and the understanding and insights of a young adult. This exhibition doesn’t attempt to suppress these experiences but brings them to light as a reminder that everything is not always as it appears to be. 

Marcos A.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: What Do You See?

It goes without saying that the way an artist views the world affects the kind of work they make. Likewise, for the person viewing the artwork, its significance is determined largely by the perspective they bring to it. This exhibition explores perspective in the creation and perception of art, as both a spatial construct and conceptual approach, focusing on the role of the audience in determining an artwork's value, meaning, and even validity as Art.

Maria Constanza N.

ART Story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: To Know Yourself

An Argentine by birth, I have grown up in and surrounded by other cultures, leading me on a path of self-exploration. This exhibition is part of that journey. Each artwork plays a role in questioning the extent to which distinct experiences and beliefs related to culture and gender have made up my identity. 

Marina A.

art story (video)

Virtual Exhibition: Inevitability

Almost everything is ephemeral, so we seek comfort in things that feel eternal or unceasing.  Inevitability is curated around the idea of naturally occurring patterns and cycles and my relationship to these phenomena.

Zoë R.

art story (video)

Virtual Exhibitionall the pieces, put together.

This exhibition centers around the layers of the human psyche. As humans, we love to put each other into two-dimensional categories and use stereotypes as an easy way to understand each other. Yet we struggle to put ourselves in such categories. This idea of self-understanding has guided my creative exploration, using fragmentation as a form of self-reflection. 


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