Graded School Calendar

March 18, 2021

Dear Graded Community,

Today, São Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas announced the advancement of five municipal holidays (June 3 and November 20, 2021 and January 25, June 16, and November 20, 2022). This measure, aimed at promoting social isolation and curbing the spread of COVID-19, will go into effect at a time when the city’s ICU beds in both public and private hospitals are on the brink of capacity. 

As we did last year, in an effort to promote continuity of learning, instead of adopting the city’s proposed holiday schedule, we will continue to run remote classes and follow our normal school calendar. Since our teachers and your child(ren) are working from home, holding classes will not result in increased pressure on São Paulo’s healthcare system. 

Some parents have suggested that we take a break now and extend the school year into the months of June and July. Unfortunately, this is not an option for us. As an international school following a North American school calendar, we must stay aligned with schools in the northern hemisphere. More than 200 students enter and exit Graded annually. Transition dates are pre-established and families make firm plans based upon them. Further, there is movement each year among our faculty. Teachers leave to start new positions in other countries, and those departure dates must also occur at set times.

As always, stay safe. I appreciate your steadfast support and partnership.


Richard Boerner

Av. José Galante, 425
São Paulo, SP - Brazil - 05642-000
+55 11 3747 4800
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